Saturday, 10 March 2007

My classmates are also world class

I've just realised that many people are capable of beating me in academic studies.

One person claimed to be able to think until he nearly fainted, and one, got his head throbbing in pain.

Both of them are so scared of losing their mind, they stop thinking.

These are signs of an inate ability to think deeply. I'm not capable of doing this. The best that I can do is just to lose orientation and feel so cold, but that was at my peak when I was taking my form 5 exams.

Both of these men, are good in their schools and manage to be the top students in their class without even studying anything.

Maybe they were satisfied with their results and don't want to risk damaging their minds, they stopped studying hard, and in the end didn't manage to score in the high school exams sufficient for them to get scholarships and pursue their education further.

These men are over 30s now, and is currently studying at a Diploma in Computer Science course. They think that I'm a genius because I can program in Java and understand computer data structures, the hardest subjects in CS.

Currently they are below average now. Their brains have hardened but I don't think it is due to old age. Just a lack of practise and lack of focus. I detect some brilliance in them but they must push themselves to excellence and recover their concentration power.

If they had been my classmates, I'm sure they will excell.

All my classmates, had excelled to be among the best in Malaysia, because they compete against me and my competition is perfection. Usually my classmates will try to match my marks, but in doing it, they have to uplift themselves to the world standard.

As proof, there was a national test for primary six, now called UPSR.
The best result for the school was 63%. I met a former classmate of mine, who got 65%, and thought that I got 68%, but actually I got 88%. He is now our accountant. More than 3 students manage to get higher than 63%.

There was no statewide comparison of results in those years, but I have not met anyone exceeding that mark.

When doing my bridge class at Kudat, my father sent me to a mission school despite my objection. I hate losing one year changing medium of instruction. Even in those days, I don't think highly of schooling, but I love to learn.

All my classmates were chinese, except one dusun boy, so he was my only close friend. His result in that class was not so good initially but I was always first in the class. When I left, he took over as the best student and is now a medical doctor.

During form 3, the exam results were announced statewide as well as natioinwide. Exam esults before my time was not better than aggregate 15 about. I got aggregate 5, the highest possible and had never been achieved by any Sabahan student before, and making me possibly the top 5 in Malaysia in aggregate terms.

My closest friend got 6. There are others who got better than aggregate 15.

Later on, similar results occurred at form 5, making my school, Sung Siew Secondary School, the best school in Sabah.

We have good graduate teachers but do you think that they score A1s in the subjects that they teach? Most probably not. I knew this even in those days and I always challenge all my teachers.

My golden rule since primary school is: don't always believe any book or teacher.

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